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Project Description

This is a non-functional Silverlight 4 Out-of-Browser app to demonstrate functionality in Expression Blend and to accompany user group talks and presentations on Blend.


The purpose of this sample application is to accompany a set of user group presentations on Expression Blend. The set of slides for this presentation can be found here.

The notes in the slides explain how to implement each aspect of the functionality.

They cover:
  • Laying out controls using the Grid designers
  • Creating and managing resources
  • Creating and editing Styles and Control Templates
  • Advanced Control Templates
  • Data binding in Expression Blend
  • Animations
  • Visual State Manager
  • Behaviours


The application is also used in 1 and 2-day Expression Blend training workshops, more details can be found here:

User Groups

This sample app refers to talks at

Silverlight UK User Group

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